December 10, 2007

Back to school!

At the beginning of the month I attended an exercise physiology and obesity conference held at UBC. I found out I had to be there on the Wednesday, with seminars starting at 8am Saturday... it was a bit of a stressful stretch trying to tie up loose ends in Victoria before hoping on the ferry!

I wasn't too excited about going, the timing just didn't seem right. I had a lot of work that needed to get done over the weekend and sitting in a conference room was not a part of my plan. I did manage to get everything done before leaving for Vancouver, which was a huge relief :)

The conference ended up being absolutely fantastic and at the right time for me after all (maybe not the right place, with all the snow!). I had just applied for a post graduate diploma in Sports Nutrition through the International Olympic Committee and I was not sure if going back to school was the right thing to do or not. I was definitely leaning towards yes, but there was still a bit of doubt there as well. The conference simply made me want to study again and I realised how much I missed structured learning. Sounds a bit random, right? Well, it felt random that's for sure! Kind of hard to explain...

It has been 2 years since I graduated from university and now I look forward to studying again. Nutrition courses start in January and I am absolutely honored to study under the guidance of work renowned sports nutritionists (one of them is the head of sports nutrition at the Australian Institute of Sport). I was actually accepted by a different institute but when I saw the faculty listing of the IOC diploma, I just had to get into that program!! :) I have studied sports nutrition at an undergraduate level but I can't wait to studying it at a graduate level :)

I guess what I'm trying to say is: YAY, I'm going back to school :)


December 4, 2007

Custom Clothing

Custom cycling jackets and jerseys just arrived! If you ordered an item, it will be given to you at the team Christmas party Friday night :)