March 31, 2009

What I have learned in March...

And a few things I would like to learn in April! So, here is what I have learned in March:

1. I am not superwomen. I know, what a shock, eh? I wish I could just be ON 24/7 but does not seem to be possible... so I have learned to be kind to myself and take a bit of down time every now and then

2. Short hair is so much better that long hair!!!

3. I still remember how to swim... and everything is coming back pretty fast too :) (thank you A for dragging me to the pool at the beginning of the month)

4. I love coaching and bike fitting! I am reminded of that on a daily basis... and I am grateful for having the ability to make a living of something I enjoy so much. I also love my grad school studies, I just don't really like paying tuition... haha

Things I want to learn in April:

1. The April lectures for school are about nutrition strategies for track and field athletes, so I want to learn more about that!

2. I want to know who actually reads this blog! I know my parents, friends and most of my athletes read it, but who else?! Make a comment, say hello if you read it :)

3. I want to continue learning how to balance work, friends, swim/bike/run, hobbies, etc... It's an ongoing kind of thing :)

Im not sure what else... but I am certain opportunities to learn new things will come up... they always do :)

March 27, 2009

What's new?

The Comox half marathon was a great race for Audrey, running 1:43:10 and placing 9th in the F45-49 AG. Thats a PB by over 4 minutes! It definitely gave her a confidence boost, and I was a very happy coach when I got her message :)

Next weekend, Gord and Adam will toe the start line at the New Orleans 70.3. It will be Adam's first race as a pro, which is pretty exciting! The mens field will be very strong, so it will be a great experience.

Next up, towards the end of April, Kate will be heading to the Boston marathon and some of our athletes will be racing at the Delta triathlon.

Things have been pretty busy this month and March is just flying by! I have done 22 bike fits so far this month, and I have 4 more booked between now and April 1st. That is in addition to coaching 20+ athletes, and staying on top of my school work. Im doing pretty well on the school work front, which basically means that I am not too far behind on listening to my lectures, etc. Sometimes I wish I had actual classes to go to, instead of doing everything online, but most of the time I'm pretty grateful for the flexibility of distance learning.

I have been swimming a bit more (I swim every week, rather than once every 6 months!) and running and cycling, for fun. I have no racing plans... I get asked about my racing plans so often! My last race was about 5 years ago, and I don't know when my next one will be. I still have ultra-running aspirations, but the timing has to work, which hasn't happened yet. It will one day... in the mean time I am having fun working with athletes and finding balance in my life :)

Ok, time to log off and head to the office... bike fits to do :)


March 25, 2009

Bikes fits in Vancouver and Comox

I plan on packing up my bike fitting gear and heading to Vancouver and Comox for some bike fits during the month of April... The dates are as followed:

Vancouver: April 3rd - 4th (Friday & Saturday)
Comox: April 17th - 18th (Friday & Saturday)

Cost: $75/hour
Typical duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

If you would like to book a bike fit with me, or ask questions about the bike fitting process, my approach, background, etc... please email


March 20, 2009

No title post

I think its time to update the blog! This week has gone by pretty fast too... seems to be the trend these days. Nothing too exciting happened during the week, which partially explains the blog silence. Besides, Twitter comes pretty handy for those small updates that are definitely not blog entry worthy.

The other reasons are because I have been busy (as usual) and have been battling with some fatigue too. I get pretty paranoid if I am feeling very fatigued for more than just a few days, worrying that it is a relapse of CFS. That was the case mid Feb, but it was not as disabling as 5 years ago! I was able to push through and feel like things are OK now. I feel pretty good today... I sure am looking forward to a (relatively) relaxed weekend though, before some busy times next week. My bike fitting roster is pretty full for next week, I might be able to fit another one in if you are quick to email me. If not - there is always the week after that :)

Gotta log off and head to some meetings... I got the pics I took in AZ from kamal this week, so here are some of them (oh, the sun and warmth... how I miss you!)

Happy Friday...!

March 13, 2009

Last weekend's racing...

I have NO idea where this week went, it just flew by! I seriously can not believe it is already Friday...

Last weekend some of my athletes were racing at the UBC triathlon and the Bazan Bay 5km. It was a good weekend of racing... Myke already posted a report on his blog (look for it on my blogroll...), so I will only say that he had a great run finishing 2nd in the 20-24AG. 16:19 after the training I made him do that week is pretty respectful, especially for an ultra-runner! To top it off, Martin and Dean both posted PB's. It also seems like I missed the sprint of the year between Simon W and Scott S... maybe I should have gone to Bazan bay instead of UBC?!

Off the island, at UBC, Adam came in 2nd OA. I am sure he will post a race report on his blog soon (nudge, nudge Adam...), so I will not expand on that. Matt, Mike, Andrew and Amber had good races despite of freezing temperatures... Amber also came in 2nd in her AG :)

I spent the bike portion doing what I normally do while watching races: analyze athletes' bike fits, of course... (oh, and cheer people on too!). There were some good positions, some bad ones and a few that simply looked painful... I have done more than enough bike fits to know not to jump to conclusions without knowing the full story, but I sometimes get really frustrated when I know I can help someone but I can't exactly go up to that person and tell them they should let me fit them on their bike, right? (or maybe I can??). In one particular case, I know what issue that athlete has, and after seeing him ride his bike - I also know what needs to be done to fix that issue... so what do you do? Since I don't really know that person all that well, do I do nothing? Or let them know they should come see me? Hmmmm..... or maybe I should just stop analyzing athletes' bike positions while watching triathlon races? (yeah, right... like that is going to happen...).

I have 3 bikes fits to do over the weekend, so I'll just make sure those athletes are happy on their bikes, and stop worrying about fixing everyone else's bike fits, unless they want me to do so. I am slowly learning that I can't help those that do not want to be helped...

Until next time, have a great weekend!!


March 4, 2009

Just a few pictures from AZ...

Here are just a few pictures from the Arizona camp (taken using my camera). There are MANY more, that I took using kamal's camera, but I don't have those pictures yet... Hopefully I will by the end of this week!