January 1, 2008

2008 will be a GREAT year :)

Most people use this time of the year to reflect on the previous year and think about the year ahead. I am not different than most and I have been thinking about how far I have come in 2007 and how far I want to go in 2008. I have established business goals, personal goals, academic goals and fitness/sport goals. All goals are set as SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Action, Realistic and Timed. I have written my goals in a journal and I plan on keeping track of these goals in that journal on an ongoing basis. I find that once things are on paper, you are more accountable for them... I am very excited about 08. I have big goals and I know I will have fun pursuing them.

Have you set some goals yet? What action do you plan on taking to achieve these goals? I would like to wish you all good luck in your endeavours in 08... and a happy new year :)