May 25, 2009

A busy day of racing on Vancouver Island

Yes, I am still around... I am now determined to re-surface and post some semi regular updates, at the very least. Lets start with yesterdays racing... 14 team athletes races at different locations on the island. 8 athletes took part in the Shawnigan Lake races, 4 competed at the Oak Bay half marathon and 2 raced the TriK in Comox.

Shawnigan Lake
Sprint - Kamal was 2nd, after a bit of a rough weekend... (his race report can be found at and Dave won his age group.

Olympic - Matt and Amber both had solid performances, and Matt didn't complain (too much) about the fact that he had to ride his bike home after the race... Andrea (coached by Carolyn) is new to triathlon, so that was her first Olympic distance race and she did great!

Half Ironman - Nick had a solid swim and bike, and posted a new PB (His race report can be found at Mike's hard work has been paying off and he posted a new PB as well. I am sure he will post a race report on his blog too, at some point... (hint, hint Mike!!). Sara (coached by Carolyn) is new to the sport and had a great race in her first go at the half ironman distance.

Oak Bay half marathon
Adam's decision to race was a bit of a last minute one, and he had a very descent run clocking 1:16, after a few tough weeks. Melissa (who I am coaching in cooperation with Jim Finlayson), had a solid run, and Pat finished with a new PB. Myke and the Peninsula Runners relay team won the relay division.

In Comox, Bert had a solid race, and Pascale was crowned the fastest chick in the Valley, winning the OA title and her AG.

Good day... I was pretty shuttered by the time the day was done, and I wasn't the one racing! However, the racing bug may have been caught. We will see how things unfold this time around :)

May 5, 2009

Time to dust the cobwebs off this blog...

And post something. Anything. Preferably something interesting... the only problem is that nothing really interesting happened in the last couple of weeks! It has been a lot of the usual stuff, with a typical day being compromised of the following:

bike fittings
Program design
Athlete meetings
Video analyzing
The occasional run or bike ride
Spending time with friends
School work

Oh, yeah... I occasionally get some sleep and a few bites to eat too... ;)

I have been working a lot, in an attempt to pay my tuition and book my trip to Oslo for the European Sport science Conference at the end of June. Its pretty expensive to fly there and to stay there. It was cheaper to fly to China last August! I do feel like I have finally found some balance, so I am pretty excited about that :)

I do have a few informative posts (in my opinion...) in the works, all in the area of sports nutrition. I should probably add 'informative blog post writing' to the list above... Hopefully it will take me less than 2 weeks to post them!

Until net time...