September 25, 2007

Education at Sea - Triathlon Cruise!!

Join PT Performance Training and Jeremy McLeod onboard the Carnival Pride for 7 fun days and nights on March 2nd, 2008!

Are you a little bit curious about triathlon? Could this be one of those "crazy" ideas that pops into your head from time to time? Or maybe you're a recreational athlete who has been meaning to look into it. Well, here is your chance to change your whole life.

I have teamed up Victoria CruiseShipCentres to offer a week Education Triathlon Mexico Cruise for those interested in starting triathlons and those ready to take their existing training to the next step! This Triathlon week is geared towards getting you ready to participate in the 2008 Triathlon Season!

Price includes your accommodations, meals, entertainment, all seminars, group coaching, cocktail party and gratuities while onboard!!!

Booking BonusWhen purchased and deposited by October 15, 2007, you will be entered for a draw to receive your seminars for free, as well as, all seminar materials!

Go to: for more information, and to reserve your spot!!

Hope to see you onboard... :)

September 16, 2007

Thursday Night Track

Someone decided it will be a great idea to bring a camera to one of our Thursday night runs... While I'm not a big fan of an intimidating looking camera pointing at me while I coach (trust me, that camera has the biggest lens you have ever seen...), the pictures taken turned out great! Here are a few :)

September 5, 2007

Pink Swimsuits...

One of the girls on my team decided that pink it the "it" color right now... and came up with the idea of getting custom pink swimsuits. So we are getting pink swimsuits with our names on the back ... The design on the front is a surprise :)

Watch out for us at the pool!! ;)

September 3, 2007

I have an office!!

So many new and exciting things are happening at the same time... its a bit hard to digest it all at once!

This week is my first week as a contractor at the Brentwood Massage and Physiotherapy clinic. My treadmill will be set up there, along side the CompuTrainer. It feels really good being able to coach and provide sport science services on a full time basis :) I will still be at the bike store every now and then to do traditional bike fittings and help out with the inventory.

The services I will offer at the clinic are:
  • Lactate testing for cycling and running
  • Bike biomechanics/efficiency assessment using the CompuTrainer
  • Video skill analysis for all sports using Dartfish software
  • Consulting in various sport science related topics such as nutrition, training, mental skills, biomechanics, etc...
  • Personalized coaching for endurance sports and general fitness

I'm very excited about being a part of a fantastic team of physios and massage therapists :)