July 26, 2008

Fatigue and Racing...?

I have been a bit tired lately, but for a change, that does not worry me! I have been scared of being tired over the last 3-4 years... Every one gets tired every now and then, right? But for me, the fear or a chronic fatigue syndrome relapse is very real, and even though it has been about 4 years since I was diagnosed and I have been feeling fine over the last 2.5 years, I still got worried every time I felt tired for more than a day! That is, untill now...

I have been thinking alot lately about what it is that stops me from racing again, and why every time I try to get back into it, something prevents me from doing so. a bit over a year ago it was several torn ligaments in my right ankle, 3 months before IM CDA. Then, about 2-3 months ago it was the invitation to go to China for the Olympic Sport Science conference, instead of running a 50m mountain run... I keep thinking that these are little "tests" to see if I want to race again bad enough.

For a while now, I have had a lot on my plate. I am just starting my 3rd year in business, but during the first 1.5 years I still had another job to keep me going... In September, I will officially celebrate my first full time year in business.... and what a year it has been!! The business has more than doubled it self in size, I went back to school (post grad in sports nutrition, part time), and I learned how to deligate (well, Im still learning... ;).

The point is, that I did not have the time to train. Or even more to the point, I was not able to make the time. Every time I went for a bike ride or a run, I would feel guilty because work was waiting for me... The turning point was a few weeks ago, when I realized that I NEED to train. That my life is not complete without it. That I am not happy when I don't ride my bike, or run, or swim. The sport of triathlon, or its sub sports have been a part of my life since I was 5 years old... so nice and slow, I am back. Not in the same way as I was racing in the past, I don't want to be a pro anymore. I just want to enjoy the sport and be that age grouper that everyone loves to hate :)

I think I am finally at the point where I can put the past behind me and open a new door. I knew I needed to let that process happen on its own, and that when I was not scared of being tired anymore - I would be ready to start again without fear and without thinking what if, and what could have been, etc... So Im not scared of being tired anymore, but I still think that my first race back will be a "secret race"... :)

July 17, 2008

More Race Results...

A week after the New Balance Half Ironman, Aynsley O'Carroll raced in her first 70.3, in Buffalo Springs, Taxas. That race is considered to be one of the toughest 70.3 races around! It was raining, the wind was blowing in full force and it was hilly... a time of 5:28 placed her in 12th place in the extremely competitive 25-29 age group, with the 6th fastest bike time. Races of that caliber definatley teach you alot and allow you to grow as a person and as an athlete and since Aynsley is only in her second full season as a triathlete, she has many years of awesome racing ahead of her :)

Aynsley post race

In Calgary, Michael Godfrey was on a mission to break one hour in a 40km ITT, and Im proud to report that he crossed the finish line at 59:55, which is almost 2 minutes faster than his time last year (in the same race). Michael is an extremely dedicated athlete and his hard work has shown in every race he entered this year. Well done!!!

In Germany, Christiane Selenz took part in the Frankfurt Ironman. I started tracking her online at around 9pm on Saturday night (6th of July), and hardly slept all night because I was too nervous. She had a fantastic swim, an awesome bike time and a great run, despite really bad blisters and a pit stop in the med tent to get some bandages. A time of 14:12 was a PB, and she also had PB's for each discepline!! What a race!! IMC is next... under 14 hours perhaps...?! :)

On the same day, July 6th, Christina, Bert and John raced the Osoyoos half Ironman.

It was John's first triathlon. He started working with me in September, after signing up for IMC 08. Since he was unable to swim more than 10 meters without stopping and waiting for knee surgery, our work was cut out for us... John is a very dedicated athlete and such a positive person, and he progressed very fast. He finished the race in 6:04, feeling great and looking forward to Ironman. Bert had a few mechanical issues on the bike, and the run did not go as planned either, but he is a fighter and he finished the race non the less. Christina posted a PB of 5:53 in her second half Ironman. She was extremely sick all week and could not eat a thing in the week leading to the race and on the race itself. She started the race, taking it one discipline at a time and proved how strong she really is... an amazing display of will power, determination and courage.

Some good stuff... well done :) Next: Tri of Compassion race report...

July 14, 2008

Race results!

I have been meaning to post some of the recent results of out team members, as they continue to amaze me with their performances and the way they overcome obstacles :) I will post a few seperate updates, so they are not a mile long each... Lets start with the New Balance Half Ironman... 17 PT Performance Training athletes took part in the race, as individuals and in teams.

Scott Davis: 5:09, in his first half Ironman & first year as a triathlete
Karmen Jongewaard: 5:24, a great indication of what she will be capable of at IMC :)
Kim Everett: 5:30, in her second half Ironman within 3 weeks... wow :)
Judy Thompson: 5:45, absolutly fantastic(4th 50-54)!
Cheryl Martin: 5:59, in her first half Ironman!
Heidi Mierau: 6:13, in her first half Ironman!
Denise Sefton: 6:22, in her first half Ironman (3rd 55-59)!
Mark Harris: 6:30, and looking forward to IMC
Sabrina Boechler: 6:52, despite surgery 3 weeks before the race...
Suzie Cutt: 7:04, building up to IMC :)

Chris George started the race despite being sick all week with a plan to get through the swim, ride fast and skip the run... and ride fast he did, placing the 17th fastest time of the day at 2:32. Imagine how fast he can ride while he is healthy :)

In teams, we had Michael (swim), Christina (swim), Pete (run), Bert (bike), Wayne (bike and run) and Carmen (swim and Bike). A special congrats to Carmen and Wayne who overcame many challanges to take part in this race... next time they will do the whole race, not 2/3 of it... you guys are an inspiration to us all!

Well done everyone... :)

July 8, 2008

I love July!

My assignment is finally in, and I realized that I really need to update this blog... so I will post a few race updates tomorrow :)

The Tour de France started so I got full cable for the month of July. After years of Eurosport access I can't stant not being able to watch the Tour. It was pretty hard when I lived in New Zealand because of the time difference... Even though I can't watch cycling ALL day long like I could when I lived in Israel, now I can watch it for half of the day... good thing I can't do any work without distructions because that means my productivity will actually increase rather than decrease :)

Todays update: Garmin-Chipotle is the 1st team overall!! Sweeeeet :)