April 21, 2009

back to posting...

It is definitely spring in victoria... I was introduced to a beautiful spot along the water, that I had no idea actually existed... I was pretty glad I brought my camera along! A few pictures below.

Kate ran the Boston marathon yesterday. It was her 2nd marathon and she finished in a time of 3:38:54 and a ~10 minute PB. Well done! She writes pretty funny race reports, maybe she will let me post her report here sometime this week...? TC 10km is this Sunday, should be a good race for the team!

I also know where I will finish my masters degree... I think it deserves a separate post when I have more information.

April 2, 2009

I love running in the rain!

I love running in the rain, pretending I can run in between the drops, so I don't get wet. I also love jumping in the puddles and pretend I am still a kid. But what I love most, is how running clears my head. Its my time to think, reflect and come up with new and creative ideas and plans.

Tonight was no exception... I jumped in puddles, run between the rain drops (it didn't work, I still got pretty wet!) and did some thinking. What was I thinking about, you may ask? About racing an ultra. Im not entirely sure why I was thinking about that... I still don't think the timing is right, but then again my fitness level is no where close to where it needs to be for running 50 miles anyways... so the plan is to enjoy the process of getting fit so I can start training for an ultra. I call it my pre ultra running plan and Im pretty excited about it! Now lets see what the process will bring :)