November 14, 2007

Overload, Adaptation and Business

When we train, we place a specific load on the muscles or systems that is greater than normal load. This will cause adaptation. Once adaptation is reached, the load can increase again. There is more to it, but for the purpose of my little analogy this will suffice. Earlier this week I realised that the training principles of overload and adaptation apply to business as well... in my case they do anyways.

In August, coaching was going well. I was still working at the bike store. Now that I think of it, I have adapted to my work load. It wasn't greater then normal, which led to adaptation and then to plateau. Towards the end of August, I got a fantastic offer to set up an office at the Brentwood Massage & Physiotherapy clinic. I guess that was the additional overload I needed to take my business to the next level.

I left the bike store in September. That was a huge step for me, because all of a sudden I had a new office to get off the ground and I had lost my security blanket (bike store steady income...). There was a definite overload involved... and it kept on increasing from one week to the other. Within 2 months I have almost doubled my athlete base, started looking for new coaches to join my team, work load at the office has increased rapidly and custom cycling clothing and swimsuits are on the way.

At the beginning of the month, I thought I have adapted to the load and the first week of the month was nice and relaxing. Obviously, it was time to increase the load :) Funny enough, a couple of opportunities came up that will do just that! I wasn't even looking to increase the load, it just happened :)

So where am I actually going with this analogy? I'm not too sure... I just thought it was interesting how things just evolve the way they are supposed to. Every day brings something new. Its a good thing, it keeps me on my toes :)

Keep in touch... I will post updates on a regular basis as things evolve! New and exciting things are on the go :)

Keep on training!


November 5, 2007

I guess people actually read my blog! YAY :)

I have been told I am not a very good blogger and that I should update this blog more often... so I promise to do that from now on... :)

Whats new at PT Performance Training?
  • We will be hosting a series of monthly seminars, starting mid January 2008.
  • CompuTrainer rentals available!
  • Group swimming sessions every Monday morning at Crystal pool.
  • Video analysis using state of the art biomechanics software to analyse your technique, prevent injuries and give you a visual tool to enhance your performance.
  • We are looking for cycling and running coaches to join our growing team.
  • A series of publication is in the works... the first one, a nutrition guide for endurance athletes, will be available in Feb/March.

If you would like more information about any of the above, contact me through or visit again soon :)